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Many Indian webhosting companies have extremely incompetent technical support, as it appears that powerful officials in the indian internet sector have no qualms giving fake references of experience as a webmaster, domain investor, engineer to any mediocre inexperienced cheater lazy young woman they are infatuated with . Due to poor systems the fraud will remain undetected though it will adversely affect cybersecurity.

These dishonest powerful officials in the indian internet sector will waste indian tax payer money, expensive government equipment to put a harmless experienced webmaster under surveillance for years, so that they can ogle and sexually harass her, and then claim that their inexperienced fraud girlfriends have the experience, skills, investment to appoint them to important government jobs at the expense of the really experienced webmaster.

Powerful officials can fraudulently claim that their darling friends have many years experience in a few minutes, but it does not mean that these inexperienced mediocre lazy women have any experience in managing a single website, and as a result, webmasters and customers of webhosting companies in india are adversely affected. When incompetent dishonest women are put in charge of the indian internet sector, it will naturally affect the internet infrastructure in india as these women only want to become rich overnight by abusing their powers, as they have cheated their way to the important government position, which these fraud women would never deserve on the basis of their own experience, qualification, investment or skills
Allegedly google, tata, paypal and other internet companies are supporting the appointment of mediocre inexperienced cheater women to important government jobs in the indian internet sector as reward for cheating, harassing an experienced webmaster, domain investor , engineer, as part of their strategy to destroy competition, acquire talent and technology cheaply. In countries like USA, these fraudulent appointments of mediocre inexperienced cheaters to important government jobs, would have caused outrage, but in india, due to nepotism, casteism, corruption, the most powerful officials in the indian internet sector, lack patriotism and think that rewarding inexperienced cheater women who they are infatuated with important government jobs is their birthright,.

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