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It appears that hostgator india has changed the login interface for shared webhosting customers in late december 2014 or early january 2015, without informing them of the same, even if they have paid till april 2015. Earlier they were using WHMCS which most webhosting companies have used for managing their customers. Now they seem to have changed the interface to the logicboxes platform as it may have been more economical for them. Hostgator now belongs to the EIG (Endurance International Group) which last year purchased a stake in Directi which had developed the logicboxes platform. To give hostgator the benefit of the doubt, allegedly some powerful companies and/or officials may have been involved in a major fraud, wherein these officials bribed by some of the most powerful companies in the indian internet sector, fraudulently introduced a young inexperienced cheater diploma holder siddhi from goa, to hostgator as their customer since 2006. the young greedy cheater liar diploma holder siddhi who comes from a very well connected family, had actually commited corporate espionage on the experienced webmaster who had actually been the hostgator customer since 2006. For her fraud, lies and corporate espionage, the greedy pampered fraud siddhi was made a VVIP, appointed to an important government job, faking the experience of the webmaster she ruthlessly cheated, Now when mediocre greedy lazy frauds like siddhi are pampered and rewarded for their crime with the most important jobs in the indian internet sector which they did not deserve, they naturally become shameless, and do everything they can to ensure that they will never be punished for their crime, which would mean the end of her career in any other sector, which valued integrity and honest people.
It would be interesting to find out how much money was saved switching to logicboxes. Even when a domain name of the webmaster was suspended without a valid reason, the Directi/resellerclub employee told her to transfer the domain out within 48 hours to a non EIG group company.

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