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Hostgator one of the largest webhosting companies in the world, was known worldwide for competent tech support, especially before it was purchased by Endurance international. However, the indian branch was not known for excellent tech support, and this seems to have worsened. Originally Hostgator was based in Nasik, but they have relocated to Mangalore a few years ago. Though they seem to have very good servers, with excellent configuration,compared to other webhosting companies, their tech support seems to extremely poor.
The webmaster, online publisher and exporter had paid for the webhosting till April 2015, but in december 2014, does not seem to be bothered to provide any customer service.
The problems of this online publisher seem to compounded by the fact that dishonest powerful officials and companies in the indian internet sector, have allegedly fraudulently claimed that well connected mediocre inexperienced lazy frauds like bangalore's shivalli brahmin nayanshree hathwar, wife of guruprasad hathwar, goa's treachorous cheater diploma holder, siddhi mandrekar who has commited corporate espionage, bsc sunaina, were the customer, when these women are just the inexperienced dishonest girlfriends who extremely powerful officials are infatuated with, and make blatantly false claims to promote them abusing their powers . The fraud Siddhi mandrekar may have changed her name to evade punishment for her crime, which would mean the end of a career elsewhere. However, due to the high level of corruption and nepotism in the indian internet sector, frauds like nayanshree hathwar, siddhi and sunaina are rewarded with permanent government jobs, faking their experienced , for cheating, lies, and stalking
What right do the powerful officials in the indian internet sector have to allegedly falsely claim that their mediocre lazy greedy cheater girlfriends were experienced engineers, webmasters, domain investors, online exporters, when they are just their well connected good looking, brahmin friends, call girls sleeping with powerful officials. Why dont these officials have the grace and honesty to admit the truth, why waste indian tax payer money to cover up their fraud.
Bangalore cybercrime refuses to take action against shivalli brahmin cheater nayanshree hathwar, and her associates for cheating a webmaster, engineer, domain investor and corporate espionage , as allegedly powerful officials in the indian intelligence agencies and internet sector are falsely claiming that the cheater nayanshree hathwar, the mediocre lazy greedy cunning good looking fraud was their classmate in IIT bombay 1993 to make her a VVIP, when the mediocre fraud nayanshree hathwar does not even have an engineering degree, experience and would have never got admission got admission into a top engineering college like IIT.Like all cateist fraud officials , these people can never justify in an open debate, why shivalli brahmin nayanshree hathwar, cheater housewife has been pampered and rewarded for her crime

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