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Hawkhost remains one of the more reliable and affordable web hosting companies available, unlike hostgator india which has suspended the webhosting without a valid reason even before the webhosting period ended. The webmaster was not even given a chance to retrieve the data stored on Hostgator servers. For domain investors whose websites are unlikely to get much traffic especially from google, even if they have high quality content, and take up less disk space and bandwidth Hawkhost webhosting will be a very economical web hosting option. Unlike other webhosting companies which offer unlimited webspace for shared webhosting, and then suspend the account without giving a valid reason, the disk space offered by Hawkhost remains limited starting from 3GB. Hence excellent webhosting optimization experience will be needed in script selection to manage webhosting with the limited webspace available. The server admin for Hawkhost seems to have perfected the art of server optimization to make a profit in the highly competitive web hosting space, where experienced webmasters are looking for the best deals. With the drastic decline in online advertising revenue for certain webmasters, reducing webhosting expenses has become even more important. Whenever the website was hacked, Hawkhost would notify the customer, so that they could remove the malware at the earliest, In recent months, the uptime of Hawkhost has been excellent, with almost no maintenance or downtime. The tech support has been extremely competent especially when compared to indian webhosting companies, most of whose staff does not seem to have been trained properly. The staff of Hawkhost remains active on webmaster forums. Most script work well on Hawkhost, not much technical support will be needed In addition to the extremely affordable shared hosting, Hawkhost also offers reseller webhosting and virtual private servers. While signing up, it will be advisable to select yearly billing as the discount offered will be more, especially if the webmaster faces financial problems at a later date.. Hawkhost
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