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Google had launched the getindiaonline program with great publicity, yet it has not been as successful as it could have been, mainly because the people who it relies upon in India are both dishonest and professionally incompetent, who do not understand the indian SME market and webhosting (using Hostgator india). If more indian companies used the internet, they would spend more money on Google adwords, increasing the revenue of google india, yet the approach of google was completely wrong.
Google allegedly believed that the program was a way to increase their influence among powerful officials , insisting that competent webmasters are forced to form a company with the dishonest mediocre cheater relatives and friends of these officials wasting infinite indian tax payer money in the process. Most webmasters found the arrangement extremely unfair and humiliating as a professional, an experienced doctor, engineer, will not be expected to play second fiddle to an inexperienced, lazy liar and cheater, to survive, hence google found it difficult to attract the right talent, who understand the indian sme market, with the warped approach, Like most indian internet companies, Google considers the appearance of the individual the most important indicator of the competence, experience, and knowledge of the individual, not realizing that the term"dumb blonde" was not coined without reason. Many extremely goodlooking and charming people are extremely stupid, lazy, dishonest, and unfortunately when people are appointed to important jobs only on the basis of their appearance, the entire internet sector will be affected including the number of people using the internet for business purposes.
Powerful officials will often waste a huge amount of indian tax payer money to force experienced non good looking webmasters to form a company with their lazy liar cheater mediocre friends and relatives, sabotaging the online export business, stealing emails, leads, orders payment, Why should an experienced webmaster work with a known cheater who has powerful friends and relatives who will ensure that the cheater will never be punished, even though her fraud will be well known and proof sent to cybercrime. Only a fool will want to work with an extremely cunning mediocre inexperieced ungrateful cheater like bangalore's fraud heroine, nayanshree , wife of guruprasad hathwar, twice, who was pampered for cheating an IIt engineer of her hard earned money, and powerful officials in the indian internet sector, allegedly falsely claim that the cheater nayanshree was their iit bombay 1993 classmate .
As long as powerful officials and google, do not give experienced honest hardworking competent webmasters who understand webhosting, the Indian SME market, a fair deal, trying to exploit and cheat them wasting indian tax payer money, the chances of success of any program targetting SME's are extremely limited

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